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Finding Your Visual Storyteller: Selecting the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Photography is a rapidly expanding profession that involves a wide range of technical skills and knowledge within the industries niche. Furthermore, this is a career that is in high demand right now as many people are on the lookout for the best professional photographer for their next event.

Hiring a professional photographer for special occasions such as weddings is common, and it's no surprise why as the images are the only thing left to remember the day.

If having amazing photos of your wedding is important to you, you should hire a professional photographer who ticks more than just one box (the budget box).

So, what exactly should you look for in the right photographer?

Today, we've compiled a short list of handy tips for selecting the best photographer for your wedding or event.

1. Hire an experienced photographer

When picking a photographer, always check about a photographer's previous experience capturing weddings through their portfolio. If this isn't quite enough, inquire about their experience within this industry. It's also vital to know what field they work in and whether or not they've managed events similar to yours, large or small.

A portfolio is essential for most photographers, as it will give you a general idea of the types of pictures you'll be acquiring and the photography style you'll be recieving as your final product. It allows you to decide whether they're the right for you and your personal aesthetic style. Chances are, if you've caught yourself looking at their work on more than one occasion you may already know you want them photographing your wedding day!

2. Compare photographers depending on your budget.

Budget is the primary consideration for most people when hiring their wedding or engagement photographer. When making a choice, it's critical to keep your budget in mind, however it shouldn't be the ultimatum for a few reasons;

Quality of work and overall product

Client experience | The cheaper the photographer, the more jobs they are likely to take on compared to an expensive photographer. A slightly more expensive photographer is going to make more time for their clients and provide them with a VIP experience as opposed to someone who is managing over 60 clients a year.

Education | A photographer who is serious about their work will continually invest in education for their business to best serve their clients.

3. Request reviews and feedback

Before hiring your photographer, it's also a good idea to consult with friends and other acquaintances. When making a choice, it's not enough to know how many years they've worked in the sector, it's also helpful to determine if they've established a solid reputation in their business.

If you hear from someone who has had a negative experience with this photographer, go on to the next candidate. It is a significant red flag. A good customer rating and solid social proof is essential for a professional photographer.

Moreover, if you can't locate any comments or reviews, look closely at their prior work and ask the photographer for a summary of their experiences.

4. Be connected with your photographer

The first step in establishing a relationship is to contact them, you can often tell a lot about someone from your initial contact with them. How someones chooses to communicate with you is a sure sign of how you can expect your relationship to be with them throughout the entire process, including on the wedding day.

It's ideal to see the photographer personally, especially if you're hiring one for a huge event like your wedding. You want to know if they have a pleasing and professional personality that somewhat matches yours amd will benefit the people who will be there on your special day.

5. Talk about the specifics

It's more than just snapping images on the day of the wedding when it comes to wedding photography. Strong communication between the couple and the photographer is essential to the success of your big day, you want someone who will set clear expectations and deliver. Have they told you what you can expect after you've officially booked with them?

It's also good to talk about delivery options, including the number of shots you'll get, how they will display the photos, and editing and printing options if it's not already outlined in their packages.

Now that you've found a photographer, schedule a meeting with them before the wedding to discuss your photo goals and expectations.

Narrow the choices down and go with your gut feeling and then get to know your photographer over time. You can also catch up over a coffee to discuss your wedding or learn more about their work experiences.

It's critical to become acquainted with the wedding photographer of your choice. At the end of the day, when you look at your photos, you will never regret why you hired them!


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