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Love Uninterrupted: The Benefits of Setting Aside an Hour for Your Couple Portraits

So you don’t want to disappear from your guests for too long and miss out on your own wedding? I fully understand.

Or maybe you just don’t like having your photo taken? I can relate.

We all want to feel a little special on our big day, even those of us who feel like we don't belong in front of the camera. With the right guidance and an open mind, there are ways around looking and feeling awkward and having a great time getting those dreamy shots of you and your partner.

Not only are newlyweds a whole heap of fun and really set the festivities in motion for the rest of the evening, but they're also some of the most beautiful images your photographer will capture on your wedding day.

This allocated time for just the two of you is also a perfect chance to have some alone time, take a breather and soak up that just married bliss. If you’re worried about the photographer being there, worry not! Our job is to get you two lost in the moment and only focusing on each other so you have an amazing time taking photos and the results are real and honest.

On the day it might feel like it’s photo after photo, but it’s important to remember these are the only things that last past your wedding day and looking back at your final gallery, I can almost guarantee you will never be disappointed that you allowed the time for them.

You're probably going to hear this from a lot of different people but

It's so important to remember that it's your wedding day and you simply cannot please everyone.

You didn't spend months planning and preparing and paying good money for it to run seamlessly and be perfect, for it to then not turn out how you imagined because you were trying to please everyone else in the process.

If you're concerned about leaving your guests, just remember you'll have all evening at your reception to mingle and celebrate with them. And if you've hired your photographer right through the night then they're going to have ample time to cover all of those important moments of you with your guests.

garden reception, wedding reception, Braeside Estate
Summer + Sonny Returning to their garden reception at Braeside Estate

My biggest tip to a couple planning their wedding day timeline is to always allow extra time for each part of the day (I.e getting ready, ceremony, group photos etc). One tiny little delay in the day can quickly put everything well and truly behind schedule, making the rest of the festivities feel like a bit of a rush - and the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is rushing!

Creating a run sheet with your photographer beforehand will guarantee extra time up your sleeves to accomodate for any delays or set backs and will help prevent you from missing out on any important moments you’ve booked them for.


There’s probably nothing worst then receiving an underwhelming amount of images of just you and your partner with a small variety of shots to choose from…

If you ever find yourself in this situation don’t be disheartened, there are alternatives! Post wedding photoshoots are a thing, and they’re a perfect way to re-do your newlyweds any way you like.

Happy wedding planning xx


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