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The Last Resort

What do you do when the C word takes away (what was meant to be) the most incredible day of any engaged couples life?

I used to live by the phrase "If in doubt, don't" but now I think - to hell with that. If there's one thing living through a pandemic has taught me, it's not to waste precious time expecting the world will return to some kind of normal.

Jenna and Anthony had much, much bigger plans for their wedding day but they decided to beat Covid at it's own game and instead got married "in the spur of the moment" 4 months before their original date in 2020. A few months after their legal ceremony took place Jenna contacted me in October, 2020 to get some newlywed photos taken as this was one of the many things they had missed out on. After about 5 postponements (one because of a storm, the rest because of lockdowns) it felt like all the odds were against us and we were NEVER going to be able to get together for their newlywed photos. As you probably already guessed, we finally got together after almost a whole year of attempting to do so and put the coastal vision into action and boy was it magical and well worth the wait!

It may not have been your traditional wedding day, but it's the most reassuring thing knowing you don't have to be cheated out on absolutely everything just because of bad timing.


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