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What A Covid Affected Wedding Looks Like

There's a dark cloud that we all have looming in the back of our minds, nagging the inevitable questions 'will it affect my wedding day?' and if it does 'what will I do?'

Well hey, not every married couple can say they were wed during a pandemic.

So let me tell you a short story about two people who let love prevail during a Brisbane lockdown.


Emina and Senahid / The Couple Who Let Love Prevail


It was almost less than 24 hours before their big day, Emina and Sena's wedding, when another unexpected Brisbane Lockdown was announced and there were only a few short hours left for the people of Brisbane to prepare for their next few days spent tucked away in their abodes.

This announcement changed a lot for the couple having their celebrant and more than half of their guests coming from Brisbane. So they did what any madly in love couple would do, they met their celebrant in Brisbane on the 8th of January, the day of the announcement, and were wed to one another.


With the Ceremony officially over, the following day didn't go quite to plan but we made the most of it and it was an absolute joy from start to finish! First I met up with Em and Sena in a windy Little Italy, Emerald Lakes, for their couple photos. A few loose strands out of place and an hour later I followed the couple to their parents home where a gathering of family members from the Gold Coast were patiently awaiting the arrival of the newlyweds. Sure enough to say, the rest of their DIY reception was an absolute blast, the positive energy and joy from their family radiated throughout and there was not an unhappy soul in sight.

My Advice To Future Mrs & Mr's

At the end of the day, marriage is about the union of two people; you, your partner. If you don't need a big white wedding and all you care about is simply becoming one another's forever, then my advice is to go ahead and seal the deal! If you can, postponing the reception for when everyone can be there to enjoy the beautiful styling, food and the marriage of the two of you is a great compromise (and it kind of feels like you have two weddings!)

We are incredibly lucky that there are countless ways to include loved ones who can't attend the Ceremony in person. So long as the day is documented wholly, truthfully and completely you, then the memories are there to last and be shared.


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