Who is Green & Wandering?

Hi there, my name's Ellythea but you can call me Elly for short. I'm so glad you have ended up here so I can tell you a little bit about myself and my style of photography. I have been photographing people for 2 years now, I am incredibly grateful and I genuinely love everything about my job. From the people I meet to the places I get to go and the memories I am able to gift clients with, it's all pretty darn special. Fun fact: before I started photographing people and Weddings I was an award winning Underwater Photographer going by the name of Ellythea. Whilst I still throughly enjoy diving, I've found myself loving work on the land a little more. Feel free to check out what I get up to in my spare time www.ellythea.com. Now, let's clarify what Green and Wandering actually stands for.

The Green thing

I'm a true lover for everything outdoors; plants (which you may have already picked up in my choice of name), gardening, hiking, ocean, sunsets, literally anything 'natural' or as I've made it Green. I like to show this through my style of photography by the use of  stunning natural lighting, taking shots during those candid and real moments and making use of the stunning locations that we have here right on the Gold Coast and beyond.

Wondering about Wandering

I will often find myself searching, or wandering around looking for new and exciting places for photoshoots to take place. I also love taking clients with me to new places right at home, or old places they love. The choice of location is so important as it can say so much about you and my job is also to help make that decision a little easier. I'm currently working on an article with all of my favourite locations for photoshoots, so keep an eye out!

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